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    Mold Solutions
    Mold Solutions

    with our professional service and unremitting efforts which aim to meeting
    quality requirement from variety customers. We have a strong R&D
    experience with technical core team dedicated on product design, mold design,
    mold manufacture and injection molding.  Self-developed LSR cold runner system
    is our core technical value, adaptive cold runner is flexible to accommodates
    different products either single-cavity or multi-cavities LSR cold runner system.
    Acai had been successful developed many business cases in the past years.

    Molding solution
    Molding solution

    All LSR machines were set in clean room for dust-free requirement,
    our first-class precision manufacturing equipment and automation are best assurance
    to produce best quality product and stability of processing, Agile teamwork is
    capable to provide widely fitted solution to achieve different product requirements.
    Acai also specialized on complicated and micro-size products since top-class LSR
    machines and LSR dosing system are in used.. Acai had successful provide
    many well-known enterprises with core parts manufacturing solutions.

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